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Youth Entrepreneurship Programs for Kids 7-12

Our Program

MILLION DOLLAR BUTTERFLIES teaches business, money, and youth entrepreneurship to kids! Whether in your classroom or through our online course, kids can learn life skills like critical thinking, risk taking, and problem solving through the principals of entrepreneurship! Kids across the world have taken our courses and they're building REAL businesses!

Easy to Implement Online Courses

We believe that kids should have access to youth entrepreneurship education so we made it easy for individuals, schools, and youth programs to implement the program in your school or youth program! Our online course is available for download with a one-click purchase - discounts available for larger groups!

Our Program is for Individuals or Groups!

The online course is divided into 5 areas: 

1) Finding your passion!

2) What do you charge?

3) Who is your competition?

4) Where to sell your product / service?

5) Time management & launch plan!

Download the PDF for Schools

Million Dollar Butterflies Information for Schools (pdf)


The Case for Youth Entrepreneurship!

Online Courses

We are dedicated to improving the lives of our children and the future of our economy. Preview our online program and click to purchase when ready!

About Us

Mary Grothe, Founder


Mary is a business strategist with accomplishments in sales, business, and entrepreneurship. She is a published author and has worked in Television & Radio. Mary is the founder of MDB.

Rylie Manross, Marketing Director


Rylie started with MDB/TBN at age 13 as our co-host on radio & TV while she started and ran her own company, Dance to the Pointe. At 19, she is now the marketing director for both brands.

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